Beach Club

Bo Diddley was the 1961 opening act at the legendary BEACH CLUB in Myrtle Beach. (Shrine Club). Later in ‘63 he recorded a live album at Beach Club labeled, Bo Diddley’s Beach Party. Owner Charlie Corbett said Frankie Valli closed the club in 1972.


Every elevator, restaurant, bar, stage show, radio station, etc pays ASCAP. Try not to pay them and they’re on you like a cop on a doughnut. Created in 1914 everybody told them to bug off til they sued Shanley’s Restaurant and won the case in US supreme court.


With a gospel voice that could rattle silverware, shatter stained glass and get the dogs barkin, that one-in-a-google voice, ARETHA, was first female to enter the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  Her first Top 40 recording was in 1961, Rock-a-Bye Your Baby.  Still a requested shag song in the southeast.

Answer Records

ANSWER RECORDS have been around almost forever. Louis Jordan, Roy Brown, Rufus Thomas, Carol King, even current rap stars. But the king of answer records had to be Hank Ballard who created and spawned several: Sexy Ways, Work With Me Annie, (Roll with Me Henry & Hey Henry (Etta James), Annie Had a Baby, Annie Can’t…

Andrews Sisters

ANDREWS SISTERS started performing in 1933 for a dollar a day. They ended with 113 chart singles & 19 gold records. Maybe the best selling female group in pop history.  1500+ recorded tunes. 75-100m sold. Dominated pop music for 2 decades. Performed with most of the great bands, hosted their own radio show, appeared in…

Amos Milburn

Whether boogie great AMOS MILBURN was a drinker or not, he certainly relished “drinkin songs”. Bad Bad Whiskey, Good Good Whiskey, One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer, Vicious Vicious Vodka, Thinkin and Drinkin, Juice Juice, Just One More Drink & Let Me Go Home Whiskey.“Call me a cab, I’m goin home.” should’ve been his last song.

Al Jolsen

AL JOLSEN, a Russian Jewish immigrant, in his day was hands-down world’s most famous performer. Jackie Wilson considered Louis Jordan & Al Jolson his idols and the “Stylistic forefathers of rock and roll.” Jolsen’s dynamic body language and theatrical on-stage performances and fight for equality paved the way for black stars like Cab Calloway, Armstrong,…