BOOGIE WOOGIE pioneers are beaucoup, but four names cream off the top. There was Pinetop Smith who might have recorded the first song with the name boogie woogie in the title in 1928. Pinetop’s career core-dumped the following year when a stray bullet in a bar fight caught him flush. Then there’s the two Chicago cab drivers, Albert Ammons and Meade Lux Lewis. Grinning Albert gyrated his pomanaded head and bugged his eyes as he banged out boogie beats while Lux sat elegantly posturized on the piano stool allowing only his chubby fingers to ignite the boogie fire. Let’s add bluesy-boogie, Comiskey Park groundskeeper Jimmy Yancey in the mix who recorded Atlantic records first album. These piano pioneers infected the country with boogie fever. Beethoven and Rubenstein didn’t have nothin on these boys.