There are many kinds of ridicule, all cruel. Stutterers especially suffer as children. Country singer Mel Tillis succeeded in spite of it. So did Bill Withers & BB King. But only one stutterer emptied his heart out in a song. No one’s ever described it better than the lyrics in John Lee Hooker’s STUTTERER’S BLUES.

When I walk up the str-street, I tip my hat to speak.
I can’t even say a thing, And that’s when I begin to sing.
I’m a stu-stu-stutterin man and I can’t talk worth a damn
Sometime I wanna cry, sometimes I wanna die

So take heart stutterers. You’re in rarified company. Churchill, Demosthenes, King George, James Earl Jones,  Marilyn Monroe, Moses, Maugham, even Bruce “Die Hard” Willis overcame the problem.