Released in 1955 by Imperial Records this was the 1st song John Lennon learned to play. Written by the magical team of Fats Domino and Dave Bartholomew, close friends of our esteemed Hall of Fame committee member, Eddie Ray. Pat Boone’s vanilla cover of this song became a monster hit and like Bill Haley for Big Joe Turner brought crossover fame and beaucoup royalties to Fats. Rumor has it Pat Boone, an english major, wanted to change the name to “Isn’t That a Shame”… Now that would’ve been a real shame.

At a concert, Fats invited Pat Boone up on stage, flashed his pecan-size diamond rings and crowed, “Pat Boone bought me these diamond rings.” Fats later performed the song in the movie Shake,Rattle and Rock. The unforgettable “AINT THAT A SHAME” by one of Nawlin’s greatest musical ambassadors…ANTOINE FATS DOMINO