Released in 1951 by Federal Records, it climbed to #1 R&B and #17 on the Pop Charts. Written by Billy Ward & Rose Marks, it featured backing by Clyde McPhatter and the booming bass voice of Bill Brown who later formed The Checkers. Like many other tunes of its day it was considered race music and banned on radio stations because of risqué lyrics which today sound pretty tame when compared to rap and hip hop. Banned or not, it went to #1.

“They’ll be 15 minutes of kissin…then you holler please don’t stop.
They’ll be 15 minutes of teasin, 15 minutes of squeezing and 15 minutes of blowin my top, bop, bop, bop”

Yes…The song we honor is one of the most popular, most endearing Beach Music songs of all time…almost an anthem…SIXTY MINUTE MAN by the DOMINOES.