This high energy rocker was released in 1947 by Harlem Records for 49 cents. Later released by Atlantic in 1951 where it hit #3 R&B,  saving Atlantic Records from having 20 flops in a row. A former sailor put a major tweak and a hard-edge beat on an old G.I. song and deleted a few colorful verses…and Wine-Spo-Dee-O-Dee was born. Spodi was a moonshine fruity concoction usually mixed in a bathtub. Granville Stick McGhee’s Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee was a real booty shaker for all the southeast jitterbugs and fast dancers, with down and funky juke-joint lyrics.

“Drinkin that mess is their delight…when they git drunk start fightin
all night…knockin out windows n tearin down doors…drinkin half gallons
and callin for more.”…

…What else could it be but WINE-SPO-DEE-ODEE by STICK McGHEE.